We Are Pleased to Offer Acumed’s Innovative RibLoc Rib Plating System

Medical + Optical has enjoyed a long and successful relationship with ACUTE Innovations Rib Plating (now branded as Acumed), and we are pleased to offer their innovative RibLoc Rib Fracture Plating System to the Australian medical industry.

Acumeds RibLoc Rib Fracture Plating System is the first of its kind, developed in the United States for the repair of rib fracture. It is designed to improve upon the stability provided by an anterior plate while avoiding the neurovascular bundle. It features color-coded implants and instruments to assist surgeons in reducing time in the theatre, as well as the invasiveness of the operation.

We now offer the 2nd generation of Acumeds RibLoc Plating System, the Ribloc U Plus. Please click the product link for more information and don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable and helpful team.

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