KLS Martin microStop®

microStop® is based on the principle discovered by Louis Pasteur and with a separation efficiency of 99.99997% it offers significantly more effective protection against microbes and particles than any disposable filter.

The microbe barrier of our modern sterilisation container system consists of the microStop® washer and the part system attached to the inside of the lid, which is locked by a simple bayonet clip.

The special shape and the resulting differences in flow velocities inside the system separate air flow and microorganisms.

The calculations of the Fraunhofer Institute show that microbes are unable to pass through the barrier. The filtered air flows into the interior of the container and the microorganisms remain in the low-flow areas.

To learn more about the KLS Martin microStop® range, see their official website here.

KLS Martin microStop® Container Sizes

Full Size

(60cm x 30cm)

KLS Martin microStop containers

Three-Quarter Size

(47cm x 30cm)

KLS Martin microStop containers

Half Size

(30cm x 30cm)

KLS Martin microStop containers

Accessories for microStop® Containers

KLS Martin microStop disks & lidsmicroStop® disks and lids are manufactured from heat-resistant, steam-sterilisable high-performance plastic.

The material is scratch-resistant, high-impact, highly resistant to chemicals and retains its shape. It cannot be permanently deformed.

Aluminium Alloy with Special Coating

The container bottom is made of a top-quality aluminium alloy with and anodized finish which makes the container bottom even more resistant to chemical attack and normal wear.

Additional accessories include coding labels, colour clips and washer holders.

KLS Martin Coding Labels
KLS Martin Colour Clips
KLS Martin Washer Holder

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