Sterilisation Baskets

Medical + Optical offer an extensive range of sterilisation baskets and lids including DIN sizes and baskets with dimensions that are the same as the most commonly used plastic trays.

All trays can be wrapped or placed in a sterilisation container; the choice is yours. Their smooth surfaces and rounded corners minimise the risk of tears if wrapping is used. All baskets can accommodate a range of inserts and accessories that can help organise and protect your surgical instruments.

We stock a full range of sterilisation baskets from CBM Medical Equipment. For more information, see their official website here.

MINI & MICRO Sterilisation Baskets

MINI & MICRO Baskets are ideally suited to the protection of delicate and/or sharp instruments.

The Mini is constructed from 2mm x 2mm stainless steel mesh on all four sides with the base and removable lid constructed from 4mm x 4mm stainless steel mesh. The MICRO has only 2mm x 2mm perforations on all surface areas.

Mini Micro Sterilisation Baskets

Rigid Scope Sterilisation Baskets

Scopes are an expensive asset and can often be damaged beyond repair if not adequately protected during safe removal at point of use, reprocessing, storage, or transportation. By using these Rigid Scope Baskets and an appropriate selection of accessories, you can protect your valuable scopes.

These Rigid Scope Baskets are suitable for use with both Steam Sterilisation and Hydrogen Peroxide processes.

Rigid Scope Baskets

Robotic Surgery

Our range of Robotic Surgery baskets has been specifically designed to safely store and handle complex robotic surgical instrumentation. They have additional features to enhance their rigidity and strength, on both the base and the lid and feature inserts to secure the robotic equipment.

Robotic Surgery

Laparoscopic Frame

Laparoscopic frames are very useful for the creation of a user-friendly Laparoscopic Instrument Set. The removable Laparoscopic Frame is designed to be aseptically lifted out of either a base metal perforated basket and/or a rigid sterilisation container and placed safely on the instrument trolley.

Laproscopic Frame

MICRO Dissector Sterilisation Baskets

MICRO Dissector baskets are used for positioning delicate instruments, such as MICRO ear dissectors. When the tilting mechanism is in the rest position and basket lid is closed, micro instruments can be carried, washed and packed safely, avoiding any damage due to handling.

Micro Dissector Sterilisation Baskets

KERR-S1 Frame

This Arthroscopic Frame is designed to be attached with screws to the base of a metal perforated sterilisation basket, so that delicate arthroscopic and/or neuro rongeurs/kerrison punches remain in an upright position for ease of reprocessing, visibility & access for use.

KERR S1 Frame

Customise your trays with Inserts & Accessories

Our range of silicone inserts and accessories will help to both organise your instrument sets and help protect small and delicate instruments from damage. There are many different options available.

Your local territory manager can help you in the initial design and set-up of your instrument sets.

Benefits of our trays

  • Side perforations
    • Improved instrument saturation in washer
  • No additional wash cycles for trays
    • Time and cost savings, less handling so reducing human error and reduction of instrument migration
  • Organised instrument sets
    • Easier to maintain instrument sets and keep contents together
  • Extra width and length
    • Can fit large rampley forceps into tray plus providing better fit for instruments all round
  • Flat base and corners
    • Good for wrapping with less chance for wrap to tear
  • Perfect fit into container system
  • Lid options
    • To protect instruments and stop them falling out, also for stacking and improved protection

Benefits of our tray accessories

  • Wide range of instrument fixation
    • Silicone inserts, metal dividers, lid lips, instrument pins and more
  • Organised and functional tray
    • Reduces instrument loss or displacement
  • Easy and quick instrument organisation
  • High resistance of stainless steel and silicone

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