Laser Enucleation:

Revolutionize the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) with our minimally invasive laser enucleation (MILEP) solutions. Holmium (HoLEP) or Thulium (ThuLep) laser enucleation of the prostate uses a laser resectoscope to enucleate prostate tissue that is blocking the urinary tract. A morcellator and a morcescope are used to cut the prostate and remove the tissue. Our advanced technology ensures optimal outcomes.

Our ground breaking laser resectoscope sets a new standard in patient care. Engineered to be the thinnest in the medical technology sector. With the smallest diameter that is currently available on the market, we are well below the standard of 26 FR.: Our Slim HoLEP is 22FR. and Ultra Slim HoLEP model offers unrivalled precision with a diameter of 18.5 Fr.

Experience the future of laser enucleation with RZ Medizintechnik.