Anatomic Radial Head System

The Acumed Anatomic Radial Head System provides a comprehensive solution that includes the first anatomically-shaped radial head prosthesis on the market and is equipped with the tools needed to restore the patient’s anatomy in a radial head replacement surgery.

The system offers 250 standard head and stem combinations, including five left- and five right-specific head options, five stem diameters, and five collar heights.

These choices provide the surgeon with multiple implant options and accommodate the individual differences in natural anatomic head and neck shape.

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Key Features

The First and Only Anatomic Radial Head

Originally released in 2006, the prosthesis has been used in thousands of radial head procedures over multiple system generations and product line improvements. More than a decade of research and experience has influenced key refinements to the anatomic properties of the prosthesis.

Anatomic Radial Head

  • 20–28 mm left and right specific heads
  • The dish depth increases with head diameter, which is designed to help improve radiocapitellar wear characteristics over the previous generation Anatomic Radial Head
  • The implant’s medial surface is contoured to better replicate the lateral trochlear ridge facet, which may help avoid cartilage erosion
  • Contouring of the medial side of the head has been further defined to track against the lateral side of the ulna
  • With the annular ligament in mind, an S-shaped contour was built into the lateral side of the radial head prosthesis


Straightforward Instrumentation

The collar height gauge helps determine the proper implant collar height to restore the natural length of the radius. Broaches, trial heads, and stems are color-coded to assist in identifying components and sizes. In addition, collar reamers are designed to create a perpendicular neck surface for the stem collar.

Optional Long Stems

Available now by request. For more information, check out the Long Stems over at the Acumed website.

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