Ermis Medtech Premium System

The Ermis Medtech Premium Container System is a three-in-one system of surgical containers available in a range of sizes and heights.

Containers are built from aluminium alloy with an anodised surface. A range of container heights is available to facilitate the use of different tray heights. Sterilisation indicator labels and coloured identification labels are available.

Dental and mini containers are also available.

All bottoms and lids are available in six colours for easy identification – the choice is yours.

Supported by a two-year warranty.

To learn more about Ermis Medtech’s range of sterilisation containers, see their official website here.

Half Container

Ermis Medtech Half Container Small


Three Quarter Container

Ermis Medtech Three Quarter Container Medium


Full Container

Ermis Medtech Full Container Large


Many more sizes available.

Barrier Filters

Ermis Medtech Barrier Filter Elements

Barrier filter elements are long life and maintenance free. Based on the isolation of airflow and microorganisms.

Single use paper filters are also available.

Silicone Gaskets

Silicone gaskets can be changed easily.


Ermis Medtech Indicator Paper Label

Accessories include paper indicator labels, coloured aluminium tags and a plastic security seal.

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